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A Cost-of-Living Agenda

There’s room to pursue an agenda on the right that would tackle inflation in health care, housing, and higher education, and with time there could be some interest in it too. But on the left, it certainly looks like doubling down on the restriction of supply and the subsidization of demand is all we’re going to see at this point.

Knowing What We’re Up Against

While the failings of priests and bishops are an obvious place to start for dealing with the current crisis, the way toward genuine reform will require careful thinking and a broader perspective, including the laity’s place in the life, governance, and mission of the Church.

Chronic Condition

We are likely at a moment of sustained stalemate on health care rather than on the brink of another progressive breakthrough.

For Their Sake and for Ours…

Pope Francis has made it clear that he doesn’t want the abuse crisis to crowd out a discussion at the synod of the pastoral needs of young people. That’s understandable, but the topic of abuse is also unavoidable.

The Catholic Crisis, in Perspective

Perspective is at least as important when reading the signs of the times as it is in landscape painting.

The Entitlement Crisis Is Looming

President Trump has put an end to the fighting over entitlement reform by simply refusing to face the problem altogether, in effect denying that any solution is needed at all. He has taken the Democrats’ denial a step further, and Republicans have been all too willing to follow his lead.

Why We Stay, and the Viganò Testimony

The Church’s current crisis is a crisis of fidelity and a crisis of holiness, a crisis of infidelity and a crisis of sin. It is also a crisis of evangelization, for shepherds without credibility impede the proclamation of the Gospel—which, as the other headlines of the day suggest, the world badly needs.

A New Health-Care Debate

A decentralizing and deregulatory approach to health policy offers a substantively and politically attractive path for Republicans. But whether it turns out to be more attractive than falling back into the role of pure critics of Democratic health reforms remains to be seen.

What Is Education Good For?

Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education lays the groundwork for readers to think anew about education, what it does and ought to do, what place it holds and ought to hold in American society.

In Medicine, the Science Has Stopped Working

The replication crisis in experimental psychology has been well publicized. But there is a replication crisis going on in biomedicine at the moment too, and it is even worse.