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A Forbidden Word’s Lost Lessons

A professor is under investigation for accurately quoting James Baldwin.

Darker Days Ahead?

The El Paso and Dayton shootings brought the 2020 presidential election, and America’s future, into sharp and disturbing focus.

False Racism Accusations Don’t Excuse the Real Thing

With a few key strokes, President Trump transformed an embarrassing moment for Democrats into a disgraceful one for Republicans.

The Danger of Debating Reparations for Slavery

Compensation for slavery is an inviting idea in principle but would be a nightmare in practice. Reparations, in current conditions, would not repair anything.

Now More Than Ever, Trump Must Protect and Stand by Muslims

President Trump must not only vehemently condemn the New Zealand mosque attack; he must also actively work to protect Muslim Americans and tell the world that an attack on Muslim immigrants is an attack on everything he and our country stand for.

The GOP Must Stamp out the Seeds of Hatred Before It’s Too Late

The left has wrongly tarred conservatives as racists for decades. And that’s why conservatives and Republicans should promptly repudiate and condemn renegades in their party whenever they’re guilty of bigoted words or deeds.

Elizabeth Warren Highlights the Dangers of Identity Politics

Senator Warren’s charade reveals the bankruptcy of the practice — well-intentioned at first — of granting benefits based upon race.

Shall We Have Civil War or Second Thoughts?

Have we reached the tilting point on the subject of race? Americans don’t quite know anymore what they mean when they say “we.”

Zip Ties and Media Lies

Our Rashomon politics is not an artifact of the Trump era but an inevitable outgrowth of an ever-increasing tendency to political moralizing, which itself arises out of identity politics as lately perfected by the left, with the willing cooperation of the media.

France’s Ban On Hate Speech Goes Too Far

A new French law is unlikely to deter those who hurl racist abuse online, as they tend to thrive off a desire to thumb their noses at the established order. But the potential for abuse is enormous.