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Why The Left Is Helping Make America Racist Again

Self-styled anti-racists and social justice activists are seething with hate, but it is only upon love that we can move beyond racial tension and division.

Listening to Robert F. Kennedy

Was there something about Robert Kennedy’s habits of mind and heart, his disposition, that we could use now?

Are These Not My People?

Perhaps one problem with our conversations about race is that we want to have things both ways – to heal as one without accepting any responsibility for a whole. We want to proclaim ourselves one people, but without taking responsibility for the parts to which we do not wish to belong.

All Conflict, All the Time

Nations change when we change. And the latter is the much harder task.

A Tale of Two Church Visits

The president’s fear of seeming weak makes the whole country weaker.

Fire, Again

The current outbreak of protests and riots feels like a sudden, comprehensive event of physics or meteorology, a perfect storm of perfect storms, multilayered and interpenetrating and simultaneous.

Bird-Watching While Black

The shameful racist incident in Central Park can still end in grace.

Why Reparations Talk Is Harmful

History is too vast and too complicated to allow for tidy accounting of sins and victimization.

A Forbidden Word’s Lost Lessons

A professor is under investigation for accurately quoting James Baldwin.

Darker Days Ahead?

The El Paso and Dayton shootings brought the 2020 presidential election, and America’s future, into sharp and disturbing focus.