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New Data Shows Both a Hopeful and Worrying Portrait of Race in America

Realizing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream has been much more difficult than most Americans imagined. The realities of racial progress and discrimination co-exist today.

Against the 1619 Curriculum

Choice and local control remain the best defenses against a suffocating national education orthodoxy.

‘An Honest Conversation About Race’?

Is confrontation wise? Much progress has been accomplished under cover of hypocrisy—or civility.

George Floyd Changed My Mind

Police have a difficult job and deal with the worst of the worst on a daily basis. But the mistreatment of African Americans is not a myth and is not even uncommon.

Why Reparations Talk Is Harmful

History is too vast and too complicated to allow for tidy accounting of sins and victimization.

A Forbidden Word’s Lost Lessons

A professor is under investigation for accurately quoting James Baldwin.

The Bus Back to the Future

It seemed a little odd that Kamala Harris brought up the long-ago subject of busing during a 2019 Democratic debate. Presidential candidates usually wish to deal in new ideas. Busing is a period piece.

Is Joe Biden Vulnerable, or Are the Democrats?

Making busing an issue again is a strategic and a policy mistake by the Democrats.

A Reckoning With Martin Luther King

A country without heroes becomes either savage or monstrously petty, and dull and mean.

The Progressive Business of Extirpating Whiteness

Too often, those who claim to speak for beleaguered minorities are actually condescending to them.