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Catholic Schools Are ‘Public’ Schools

There are certainly debates to be engaged about the proper allocation of taxpayer-provided public resources to elementary and secondary education. Those debates would be markedly improved, however, if everyone involved would stop using the prejudicial and distorting language of “public schools” and “private schools.”

It’s Time for a Federal Voucher Program

A battle over COVID-19 relief money highlights just what is broken about how we fund education.

The War on Parents’ Rights

Public schools across the country routinely invoke district “gender policies” to justify hiding information about children’s gender transitions from their parents.

Most Catholic Kids in Public School Leave the Church

One hour a week of religious education cannot possibly counter a child’s daily immersion in gender ideology. Parents, clergy, and Catholic philanthropists need to see what’s happening and enable all Catholic kids to receive a Catholic education.

Elizabeth Warren’s Flawed Child-Care Plan

Universal, government-funded pre-K may do more harm than good.