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What I Will Teach My Children About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg lived a heroic life in many ways. But to truly realize across our culture her noble vision for caregiving, we will have to point our children to others, those who recognize unborn children not as potential hindrances to the contributions we might make in the world but as reasons for greater solidarity with one another.

Sr. Deirdre Byrne’s Gift of Witness

It’s not very often in politics that we get to hear from someone as heroic as Sister Deirdre Byrne, a religious sister, a missionary, a medical doctor, and a military veteran, who addressed the nation during the Republican National Convention.

Why This Pro-Life Conservative Is Voting for Biden

There is putrefaction where the Republican party’s essence should be, and appointing pro-life judges cannot mask the stench.

Why Finding Justices Who Will Overturn Roe v. Wade Hasn’t Been Easy, And What to Do About It

Any effort to seat justices who will overturn Roe needs to take account of the serious political obstacles that stand in the way. We must not surrender in the face of these obstacles. But we must recognize them in order to navigate through them.

Senator Hawley’s Judicial Test on Roe v. Wade Won’t Work

Political realities can be confronted and transformed, but they cannot simply be imagined away. Unfortunately, Senator Hawley’s pro-life litmus test promises no more success in the future than it would have had in the past.

What Won’t We Tolerate?

The politics of abortion – more than any other issue or policy – have degraded the ability of most American Catholics to reason well about the exercise of prudence.

Pro-Life Democrats Ask the DNC to Moderate on Abortion

Given Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s radically pro-abortion views, Democrats are unlikely to change the party platform.

D.C. Police Arrest Pro-Life Activists for Writing on Public Sidewalk

Someone must be held accountable for the apparent mistreatment two pro-life demonstrators faced — especially after city officials spent months allowing rioters to get away with defacing and destroying private property throughout D.C. in the name of social justice.

Biden and Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

On taxpayer-funded abortion, as with abortion policy more generally, Joe Biden is out of step not only with the average American, but with voters in his own party.

The Way Forward After June Medical

Now is the time to get back on our feet and return to the work of building a civilization of love, radical hospitality, and legal protection for unborn children and their mothers.