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Catholic Schools Are ‘Public’ Schools

There are certainly debates to be engaged about the proper allocation of taxpayer-provided public resources to elementary and secondary education. Those debates would be markedly improved, however, if everyone involved would stop using the prejudicial and distorting language of “public schools” and “private schools.”

Will Nancy Pelosi Take a Page from Her Father’s Playbook?

The chief obstacle to emergency financial aid for the low- and middle-income parents who still wish to choose Catholic schools for their children is resistance to such aid in the Democratic caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Catholic Schools and the Common Good

The intransigence of our political divisions, even between and among Catholics, is a good place to begin thinking about the importance of truly Catholic education for both the Church and the nation.

COVID-19 Relief and Saving Catholic Schools

Catholic schools, along with other faith-based schools, are a vital gift to the families they serve and to our country. America’s COVID-19 relief efforts should support the educational choices of all families and work to save Catholic schools.

It’s Time for a Federal Voucher Program

A battle over COVID-19 relief money highlights just what is broken about how we fund education.

Classical Schools in Modern America

By rediscovering and dusting off ancient forms and ideals of education and at the same time utilizing decidedly modern associational forms, classical education schools have become some of the most successful and thriving educational options in America.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Many Catholic schools are closing because of decreasing enrollments and financial pressures; the Cristo Rey network, which began in Chicago in 1996, is meeting serious challenges through creative educational programs and imaginative funding.