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Trump Might Fade Away Faster Than People Think

After leaving office, Donald Trump will no longer be able to shape the news with his every breath, and that alone gives other Republicans space to enter the field.

Inaugural Reflections on American Renewal

In today’s unprecedented situation, what are the commitments to be re-affirmed by those promoting a religiously-informed public philosophy for the American experiment in ordered liberty?

Infamy and Mythology

For Donald Trump, yesterday’s events may prove to be as much one as the other.

Many Republicans Own This Insurrection

Responsibility for the storming of the Capitol extends well beyond President Trump.

The Capitol Riot Shows How Fragile a Free Nation Can Be

Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol was unconscionable, unpatriotic and despicable.

Some Republicans Have Finally Found a Line They Won’t Cross

The GOP needs leaders who will distance their party from the wreckage and the ruin the president has brought.

Cowards are Destroying the GOP

Those who have hoped that Republican leaders would begin to break free from Donald Trump once he lost the election have not understood the nature of the change that has come over the party’s base.

Trump Is Losing His Mind

The president is discussing martial law in the Oval Office, as his grip on reality falters.

Trump’s Most Malicious Legacy

The outgoing president leaves behind a tribalistic, distrustful, and sometimes delusional political culture.

Choose Repair, Not Revenge

Because we are a nation so fractured that each side barely comprehends the other, this is a time for magnanimity.