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The War on Parents’ Rights

Public schools across the country routinely invoke district “gender policies” to justify hiding information about children’s gender transitions from their parents.

Democrats Need to Win Back the Obama-Trump Voter. Will They Succeed?

Six million people who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 switched parties to back Donald Trump in 2016. Can the Democrats win them back?

The Politics of the Administrative State

Increasingly, if perhaps without us yet quite recognizing it, the battle over the scope and legitimacy of the administrative state has moved out of the shadows and into the very center of our political life.

The Democrats’ Stance on Immigration Will Lead to Electoral Disaster

Democrats are either unwilling to see the truth or unable to acknowledge it: They cannot win back the presidency without attracting people who disagree with some of their views.

Obama’s Young Garden

He has planted seeds that progressives might someday harvest.

Eight Was Enough

In many ways Barack Obama and Donald Trump could not be more different. Yet one cannot make sense of the incoming presidency without understanding the failures of the outgoing one.

A Stupid Anti-Israel Policy

And an awful speech by John Kerry.

Where Does a Patriot Turn in 2016?

Donald Trump and President Obama share the philosophy that America causes more problems than it solves, and no champion of conservatism is left.

Fact-Checking a Memorial Service

Yet again, Obama gave up an opportunity to be a unifying force and used misleading rhetoric to push us further apart.

Obama: Whose Side Is He On?

By steadfastly refusing to make distinctions among Muslims based upon ideology and conduct — by insisting that Muslims are no more plagued by violent extremism than, say, Presbyterians — President Obama has opened the door to Trump, who also makes no distinctions.