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Wojtyłan Fantasies, Revisited

Political appeals to base motives and economic appeals to crass acquisitiveness have done serious harm to the freedom project in the West. In that sense, John Paul II’s mature social-ethical thought is more important than ever for serious thinkers and leaders to engage, in a conversation crucial to the future of the West, and indeed the entire world.

A Public Church, not a Partisan Church

The temptation to ally the Church with a particular political party and its program is a perennial one, it seems. When that temptation is not resisted, it invariably leads to trouble—politically and, more importantly, evangelically.

John Paul II, Youth Minister

What are some lessons the Synod on Youth might draw from John Paul II on this ruby anniversary of his election?

Courage in the Slough of Despond

The story of the courage of the cardinals who elected Pope John Paul II forty years ago should be an antidote to the despair some Catholics feel today. It should also inspire the bishops to get to grips with this crisis and think outside the conventions in resolving it. And it should inspire the authorities in Rome, including the highest authority.

A Pastor in Full

Pastors interested in seeing how the New Evangelization is done right, in challenging cultural circumstances, should spend a week at St. Mary’s in Greenville, S.C.

Homelands and Social Doctrines

With John Paul II, a distinctive personal experience refined and extended the classic social doctrine tradition. John Paul was not imposing an idiosyncratic view on the world Church—which is in fact something no pope should do.

Interview: George Weigel on Moral Order, the Current Mess, and a Theological Reading of History

EPPC’s George Weigel talks with Catholic World Report editor Carl E. Olson about his new book, which includes chapters on World War I, foreign policy, Benedict XVI’s Regensburg Address, American political culture, John Paul II and humanism, and the recent Synods in Rome, among others.

The Holy See, China, and Evangelization

Any arrangement by which the Chinese communist authorities are conceded a significant role in the appointment of Catholic bishops will weaken the Church’s evangelical possibilities—today, and especially in the China of the future.

Interview: George Weigel Discusses The Fragility of Order on CNS News

George Weigel argues in his new book that for America to maintain a political culture that protects liberty it must first rebuild the moral culture needed to sustain that political culture.

Motown and the Turbocharged Church

Under the leadership of Archbishop Allen Vigneron, the Church in Detroit is going on offense, challenging itself to become a diocese of missionary disciples.