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From Christendom Times to Apostolic Times

The Catholic Church of the 21st century is being called from maintenance to mission, which means the transformation of our institutions into launch pads for evangelization.

Interview: George Weigel on Pope St. John Paul II and Religious Freedom

Among his vast contributions as a philosopher, theologian, and leader in the Catholic Church, John Paul II was a vigorous defender of religious freedom throughout his life.

John Paul II’s Political Lexicon: Seven Lessons for Today’s Struggling Democracies

As the world marks the centenary of Karol Wojtyła’s birth, the democratic project is threatened both by external enemies and internal confusions and quarrels. So we should remember John Paul II’s witness to hope.

Pope John Paul II’s Soviet Spy

Even to a hardened nonbeliever, the Polish pontiff could be ‘a source of light.’

The Gift of John Paul II

Those of us who have benefitted so greatly from John Paul II’s accomplishments – and from his intercession now – ought to be equally willing to learn from his failings, too. It would be a pity if we were not so willing. We have nothing to lose and much to gain from the truth.

On John Paul II’s Centenary

John Paul II, who was likely seen in person by more people than any human being in history, could move millions because the grace of God shone through him, ennobling all whom its brightness and warmth touched.

Redeemer of Man

Technology instinctively reshapes a culture toward purely practical action and results. To the Church falls the task of forcing the questions that get people to think about what it means to be truly human.

Rediscovering Baptism in Plague-Time

As the Catholic Church has understood it for two millennia, baptism is far, far more than a welcoming ritual: Baptism effects a fundamental change in who we are, what we can “see,” and what we must do.

Fearlessness and the American Bishops in Rome

For all its faults—and they are many—the Catholic Church in the United States lives the New Evangelization better than any other local Church in the developed world.

Balderdash on the Tiber

The Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences has been hijacked by a new pack of Vandals conducting a new sack of Rome.