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“Wittenberg” in Synodal Slow Motion

It is astonishing that, confronted by unmistakable empirical evidence that liberal Protestantism has collapsed around the world, German Catholic leaders, ordained and lay, seem determined to create a nominally Catholic form of liberal Protestantism through a slow-motion “Wittenberg.”

Pope Francis’s Respectful Critics Deserve Better Than Scorn

Catholics have an obligation, rooted in love, to treat the Holy Father — any Holy Father — with the respect due his office. But as in any healthy family, respect does not preclude criticism on matters of substance.

Pope Francis


“Churchmanship” connotes an etiquette, a once-taken-for-granted code of manners, that embodies an important truth of Catholic faith. When the etiquette crumbles, the truth can get lost amid the debris. 

Beyond Amazonia

The reform of the priesthood, including a deepening of the Church’s commitment to the value of celibacy as a radical witness to the Kingdom, begins, as does all authentic Catholic reform, with deeper conversion to Jesus Christ and the gospel.

The Pope Is Catholic After All

Pope Francis’s affirmation of church doctrine is encouraging for anxious parishioners.

In Search of a Silver Bullet

Catholic bishops are charged with forming the consciences of the faithful so they can carry out their responsibilities as citizens in service to justice and the common good. This requires an understanding of what the Church teaches, but it also requires both bishops and the faithful to understand the complex circumstances in which citizens must exercise their moral judgment.

The Two Popes: Baloney, Brilliantly Acted

The Netflix film The Two Popes is baloney on steroids. It’s brilliantly acted, sometimes amusing, and occasionally moving. But despite its claim to be “based on actual events,” the film does not reflect history.

The Martini Curve Revisited

In recent years, certain empirical facts have become unmistakable: The local Churches that have tried hardest to play catch-up with “history” and “the times” are collapsing.

A Changing Church

If the lay vocation is lived fully and well – with all the lay faithful taking seriously the gift and responsibility of their Baptism – what then might the Church look like?

The Bishops Stand – in Their Own Way – with Peter

Collegiality and synodality cannot be of service to the Church if they are simply window dressing for the ecclesial groupthink which too often insists: “Do what we mean, not what we say.”