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Political Harassment is for the Birds

What happened at the Red Hen is reminiscent of the way mobbing crows attack an eagle or an owl.

Here the People Rule

Despite its aggressive march forward, populism’s nature and place within American politics has been opaque. Is our current “populist surge” damaging to the American republic or a healthy assertion of sovereignty? Why has the populist response occurred precisely at this moment? What are the factors that have led to it? Will the populist moment continue? Vox Populi: The Perils and Promises of Populism, edited by Roger Kimball, examines these questions.

Questions of Competence

A recent article concerning the American political scene raises deeply disturbing questions about the competence of both the Vatican’s Secretariat of State and the journal La Civiltà Cattolica.

The Virginia Shooting: Thinking about Incitement

Leaders who justify violence for political ends offer cover to those inclined to commit horrific acts.

A New Awakening

Since election day, Americans of all political persuasions have been asking themselves two questions about 2016: What happened? And now what?

Moderation is Not a Dirty Word

In a poisonous political culture, when moderation is precisely the treatment we need to cleanse America’s civic toxins, it invariably becomes synonymous with weakness, lack of conviction and timidity.

How Francois Fillon Scrambled the French Election

A recent primary result heralds the potential not only for a U.S.-style conservative moment in French politics, but for a decisive shifting of the so-called Overton Window, the implicit matrix in a society for what you can talk about and not talk about in public.

In Defense of Politics, Now More Than Ever

Repairing our politics begins with understanding the nature of the enterprise. Alleviating the public’s bitter mistrust of politics requires coming to terms with its mundane realities and limits.

Changing the Game

The sickness in our political culture is serious and it reflects the pathogens that have been at work for some time in the general culture.

Politics and the English Language: An Introduction

The care of words is something that should concern all of us, perhaps particularly those of the Christian faith.