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The Jury’s Answer in the Derek Chauvin Trial

An officer’s cruelty, a mob’s threats and a long, tragic history add up to a conviction for murder.

Democrats Are Trying to Appease Left-Wing Revolutionaries. It Won’t Work.

President Trump’s unpopularity looks like it will give the Democrats a resounding win this fall. That only delays, however, the coming confrontation between a left that wants systemic change and a center-left that wants reform.

George Floyd Changed My Mind

Police have a difficult job and deal with the worst of the worst on a daily basis. But the mistreatment of African Americans is not a myth and is not even uncommon.

Abandoning Liberalism Will Destroy Social Peace

Banning op-eds by Trump supporters — like Senator Tom Cotton — may seem less likely to kick off violent strife than a defunded police force, but it is every bit as dangerous.

LOL Some Things Matter

The country is finding rare consensus about police reform and systemic racism. Where is the GOP?

Progressives Have More Power Than Anyone Else to Improve the Lives of Black Americans

The Minneapolis City Council’s apparent decision to defund its police force is shocking. It is also a clear demonstration of how much power progressives hold to address racial inequality if they really want to.

Fact-Checking a Memorial Service

Yet again, Obama gave up an opportunity to be a unifying force and used misleading rhetoric to push us further apart.

Police Lives Matter

President Obama weighed in on the shootings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and others, but why hasn’t he said anything about the slayings of Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate?

Plague Days in Baltimore

The results of several generations of anarchy ushered in by the Sexual Revolution have been on display in Baltimore this past week.

Campus Rape Is Real

No one should be surprised that when the guardrails of sexual behavior were swept away in the flood of the sexual revolution, predatory men were handed a golden opportunity.