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Americans Want Unity. Here’s Why That’s Still So Difficult to Achieve.

For years, activists on both the right and left have demonized each other as beyond the pale of reasonable discourse.

Jonathan Haidt Is Trying to Heal America’s Divisions

The psychologist shares his thoughts on the pandemic, polarization, and politics.

Religion and Polarized Politics: An Interview with Melissa Rogers and Peter Wehner

Two former White House officials discuss how religion has played a part in contributing to the country’s political climate, for better or for worse.

Principles, Parties, and Polarization

To some political junkies, reading Sam Rosenfeld’s book The Polarizers will be an exercise in almost unbearable nostalgia for that world of political stability and comity and the kind of genuine debate that can only come with mutual respect between those of differing political points of view—as we can see now that both genuine debate and mutual respect appear to have vanished from our politics.