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Thirty Years of Poland

Three decades of work and conversation in Poland have shaped me in ways I would not have thought possible thirty years ago. For that, I am deeply grateful to a nation that might yet become a model for twenty-first-century democracy, if it took the social doctrine of its greatest son seriously.

Fr. Maciej Zięba, O.P. (1954–2020)

Maciej Zięba’s was a Catholic voice of singular insight, clarity, and good sense in an increasingly fragmented and polarized Polish society.

John Paul II’s Political Lexicon: Seven Lessons for Today’s Struggling Democracies

As the world marks the centenary of Karol Wojtyła’s birth, the democratic project is threatened both by external enemies and internal confusions and quarrels. So we should remember John Paul II’s witness to hope.

Auschwitz and “Intrinsic Evil”

The lethal reality of what happened at Auschwitz-Birkenau stands in contradiction to the claim by some Catholic moral theologians—once thought marginalized but now back in business—that there are no “intrinsically evil acts.”

New Year’s Resolutions for Concerned Catholics: A Few Suggestions

May 2020 be a year full of grace for everyone. (We’ll all need it.)

Why Did the Wall Fall, 30 Years Ago?

Public officials who do not grasp the centrality of religious freedom to the collapse of European communism and the emergence of new democracies in central and eastern Europe are unlikely to appreciate the centrality of religious freedom to free and virtuous 21st-century societies and to 21st-century democracy.

Freedom, Including Religious Freedom, Is Never Free

There was a deep and decisive causal connection between the first of the Nine Days of John Paul II in Poland in June 1979 and the stunning fall of the Berlin Wall. And the bright thread within that connection was religious freedom.

Extraordinary Coincidence, Contemporary Lesson

Forty years after Pope John Paul II bent the course of the 20th century in a more humane direction during his first pilgrimage to his Polish homeland in June 1979, new information continues to emerge about what happened behind the scenes, shedding further light on those epic events.

On the New “Nationalism”

Thanks to President Trump’s “America First” rhetoric and the rise of populist-nationalist parties in Europe, there’s a lot of debate about “nationalism” these days. On that subject, as on so many others, it’s worth listening to Pope St. John Paul II.

Pray for Poland

The drama of the past year in the Church in the United States can sometimes distract from the global dimensions of the crisis of clerical sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance. In Poland, the Church faces its own scandal of clerical sexual abuse.