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Democratic Vendetta

California attorney general Xavier Becerra’s prosecution of David Daleiden is a political vendetta.

Is Hellerstedt this Generation’s Roe?

There is no question that the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt is a win for abortion clinics and their doctors. Whether the decision is a victory for women and for liberty, we ought not be so sure.

Robert Dear and the Unheralded Vindication of the Pro-Life Movement

The Planned Parenthood shooter is not some smoking gun proving that pro-life rhetoric causes abortion clinic shootings. If anything, he is simply evidence that insanity plus guns leads to shootings.

Abortion and the Supreme Court’s Misguided Notions of ‘Autonomy’

It is high time that the Court abandon the fiction that abortion serves women’s dignity and equality.

Progressives’ Deplorable Reaction to the Planned Parenthood Shooting

The narrative that some in the media are pushing about the pro-life movement is not only insane — as in, utterly divorced from reality — but deeply, deeply saddening as it reveals a profound inability to understand people at a basic level.

GOP’s Inept Planned Parenthood Hearings Were a Disgrace

Republican members of Congress missed an opportunity to focus on the horrifying videos that suggest that Planned Parenthood profits from fetal-tissue sales.

The Abortion Debate as a Budget Debate

There is little question that Democrats will staunchly resist any effort to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, and there is little doubt they would take that fight to a shutdown if Republicans propose to deny such funds in the budget. The question is what Republicans should do then. And the answer should be based on what would best advance the larger pro-life cause.

Why Animal Lovers Should Abhor Planned Parenthood

For whatever those videos reveal of the inner workings of the abortion industry, they point as well to this related truth: Defending animal welfare while remaining adamantly pro-choice with respect to the abortion of human animals is not morally and intellectually sustainable. As an argument retaining any credibility, it’s over.

Planned Parenthood Defenders Rely on Tortured Logic

These videos, precisely because they are graphic, shatter the complacency and denial that are essential for a regime of mass violence to proceed. They undermine the reassuring fiction that birth is a bright moral line.

It’s Time to Defund Planned Parenthood

No amount of attacking the messenger or hair-splitting legal argument can change the fact that Planned Parenthood’s own medical directors have unwittingly offered rare and much-needed clarity about the nature of the business that Planned Parenthood has chosen, and shared (if inadvertently) the truth about precisely whose lives are destroyed as a result.