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HHS Proposes Title X Rule to Refund Planned Parenthood

The Biden administration is attempting to reverse Trump administration regulations that blocked Title X funds from subsidizing abortions.

Planned Parenthood Can’t Disavow Margaret Sanger

The last half-century of legalized abortion has deepened the effects of racial inequality in the U.S. — and Planned Parenthood profits from that reality.

D.C. Police Arrest Pro-Life Activists for Writing on Public Sidewalk

Someone must be held accountable for the apparent mistreatment two pro-life demonstrators faced — especially after city officials spent months allowing rioters to get away with defacing and destroying private property throughout D.C. in the name of social justice.

The Least Shocking Endorsement Ever

In a bit of news that surely everyone saw coming, Planned Parenthood has endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Planned Parenthood’s Ambassador to CBS News

Kate Smith poses as a neutral reporter, smuggling her support for abortion into her work and sacrificing her objectivity for scoops from prominent abortion-rights groups.

Why ‘Unplanned’ is the R-rated movie every Catholic should see

It’s a good thing that “Unplanned” exposes abortion for the violence that it is; it’s part of the reason I recommend it.

The GOP Governor Will Pay a Price for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion in Illinois

Last week, Republican governor Bruce Rauner took an action so shocking in its duplicity and so out of step with the views of Illinois voters that many political watchers say it has likely ended his career in electoral politics.

Democratic Vendetta

California attorney general Xavier Becerra’s prosecution of David Daleiden is a political vendetta.

Is Hellerstedt this Generation’s Roe?

There is no question that the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt is a win for abortion clinics and their doctors. Whether the decision is a victory for women and for liberty, we ought not be so sure.

Robert Dear and the Unheralded Vindication of the Pro-Life Movement

The Planned Parenthood shooter is not some smoking gun proving that pro-life rhetoric causes abortion clinic shootings. If anything, he is simply evidence that insanity plus guns leads to shootings.