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The House Should Slow Down and Fix the GOP Health-Care Bill

The bill suffers from a lack of clarity about how to handle the Senate’s reconciliation rules. Greater clarity would require Republicans to decide between doing more or doing less than this bill envisions.

GOP Priorities Don’t Resonate With Voters on Healthcare

For many people, nothing is more important about the AHCA than the number of people it helps to buy health insurance. For the Republican leadership, however, it seems the most important value of the bill can be summed up in one word: money.

Republicans Shouldn’t Expect a Quick Health-Care Compromise

Ideological purity and political capital come into conflict on health care.

The House Health-Care Proposal

Meaningful success remains entirely plausible. But the intense emphasis on speed and pure momentum is likely to undermine that prospect rather than advance it now.

How Charlie Sykes Helped Turn Wisconsin Red

By sticking to the issues and digging into state politics, he made an impact with his microphone.

The Indelible Stain of Donald Trump

The Republican Party’s politically lethal embrace of Donald J. Trump is very nearly complete.

A Party Is Only as Good as Its Principles

Going into the 2016 election cycle, Republicans had a golden opportunity. All that was needed was general consensus within the party on the important features of a governing agenda for the future, and a strong, reform-minded presidential nominee who could ride that agenda to victory in November.

A Topos of Chaos

The media’s own hunger for scandal and political wickedness (also known as “extremism”), and not the extremism itself, is largely responsible for the sense of political “chaos” at the heart of our government.

Paul Ryan’s Voice of Calm Reason

Given legitimate concerns about the vetting process, how badly President Obama has handled this issue (flippantly dismissing those concerns, mocking those who see things differently than he does, refusing to negotiate) and how wary the public is about accepting Syrian refugees, the plan put forward by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is prudent and sensible.

The Speaker and the Social Doctrine

Now one of the key figures on the national stage, Paul Ryan brings to the Speaker’s rostrum a statesman’s commitment to the principles of Catholic social doctrine and a keen sense of the politically possible.