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So Trump Wants to Make the Gop the ‘Party of Health Care’? Here’s How to Do It.

Making Republicans the party of health care means putting the commitment to health care and financial security first and the goal of cost control second.

Chronic Condition

We are likely at a moment of sustained stalemate on health care rather than on the brink of another progressive breakthrough.

More Twisted Logic on Obamacare

Obamacare was a bad law that advanced bad policy and fit very poorly with the structure of our constitutional system. But a recent Department of Justice brief in a federal district-court case repeats and reinforces the very worst of the counter-constitutional cynicism that characterized the Obama administration’s approach.

A New Health-Care Debate

A decentralizing and deregulatory approach to health policy offers a substantively and politically attractive path for Republicans. But whether it turns out to be more attractive than falling back into the role of pure critics of Democratic health reforms remains to be seen.

There Is No Such Thing as ‘Health Care’

The term “health care” covers so many different realities that trying to embrace them all at once — whether through acts of Congress or just discussion — is doomed at the start.

Today’s GOP Isn’t Living up to Ronald Reagan’s Principles

Reagan’s core beliefs always prioritized helping people in need over saving money or abstract principles regarding liberty. Today’s Republicans, however, often seem to have exactly the opposite priorities.

The Republican Party Is a Big-Government Party Too

America’s political leadership — on both sides — seems less interested in devising an escape from our progressively more European health-care mess and more concerned with laying blame for it on the other party.

The Good, the Bad, and the Senate Health-Care Bill

After seven years of saying they want to repeal and replace Obamacare, congressional Republicans have been forced to confront the fact that many of them, perhaps most, actually don’t quite want to do that.

Here’s How Ronald Reagan Would Fix the GOP’s Health-Care Mess

By adopting the liberal caricature of President Reagan as an anti-government zealot, Republicans have hurt their ability to win elections and hindered their ability to govern when they did. The current debacle over health-care reform is simply the latest example of this three-decade trend.

The Waivers Question

The latest round of the GOP’s health-care reform effort, which has had a slightly lower profile but has been no less intense and quick than the prior ones, has begun to point the way from ends to means.