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Jeb’s Prospects

The establishment agenda Jeb Bush seems poised to offer is strikingly out of step with the voters who will decide the 2016 Republican nomination and the general election.

The President’s Post-Obama Agenda

The substantive core of the most recent State of the Union address, such as it was, did not involve a president laying out policy goals for the next two years. It involved a politician looking to reframe some key debates to better prepare his party for the next election cycle.

Debating Economics

There will be room for the GOP candidates for president to criticize the Obama economy even if strong growth occurs in 2015.

Obama’s Cold War Replay

The opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba is the latest, and one fears, not the last in a string of preemptive concessions to vicious regimes by the Obama administration.

Obama Scuttles. America Retreats. Things Fall Apart.

Very little of the world order of which the United States has been the linchpin and guarantor will be left on January 21, 2017. Indeed, there is very little of that post-Cold War order left today.

Progressives Gnaw at the Curriculum

The undermining of the AP United States history curriculum is typical of the progressives’ work in our schools.

The Mood of America

A new survey shows that Americans are deeply dissatisfied with the conditions of the nation (especially economically) and unusually pessimistic about the future.

Putting the “Torture Report” In Historical and Moral Context

It might elevate the public debate a bit if critics of enhanced interrogation techniques wrestled in an intellectually honest and fair-minded way with a set of questions they like to avoid.

A Victory to Last

Conservatives who want to prevent history from repeating itself with yet another Democratic victory in 2016 should learn from previous failures to capitalize on big GOP waves.

A Vacuum of Leadership

Bret Stephens’s new book America in Retreat supplies the intellectual case for confident, world-spanning leadership by the United States.