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Truman’s Terrible Choice, 75 Years Ago

President Truman authorized the use of the atomic bombs thinking, rightly, that doing so would save American and Japanese lives by shocking Japan into surrender. Given the available options, it was the correct choice.

U.S. Blocks Examination of Crimes against Humanity

Despite President Trump’s tactics, North Korea continues to test missiles, manufacture nuclear fuel, threaten its neighbors, and abuse its suffering population.

Lessons of Chernobyl

The excellent HBO series Chernobyl offers an overdue glimpse into the leviathan of lies that was the Soviet system.

The Most Dangerous Possible German

Ordinary men and women who would be utterly dumbfounded by the mathematical arcana of Werner Heisenberg’s signature matrix mechanics now deliberate the question of what kind of man he really was. And that question is an eminently fair one for ordinary people to ask.

Kim Jong-un Pulls the Wool over President Trump’s Eyes

As a matter of substance, the Singapore summit achieved less than nothing. It was a profound defeat for U.S. world influence and for democratic decency, arguably the worst summit outcome since Yalta.

Nobel Talk

If President Donald Trump’s incendiary threats have actually frightened the “dear, respected comrade” Kim Jong-un to lay down his nuclear arsenal, he will deserve the Nobel Peace Prize his fans are demanding. But the suits in Oslo might want to hold off before awarding another premature Peace Prize to an American leader.

Macron’s New Iran Deal Deserves a Chance

President Trump should take up French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion to treat the existing Iran nuclear deal as one leg in a broader accord that would cover nuclear activities beyond the deal’s 10-year deadline, ballistic missile technology, and, especially, Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism in the region.

Atomic Bluff?

President Trump’s exchange of nuclear war rhetoric with North Korea is a high-risk game.

Will Jewish Democrats Sink the Iran Deal?

Seven key members of Congress must choose between loyalty to their party’s president and concern about what the Iran deal portends for Israeli and American security.

Obama: Witting or Witless?

President Obama’s handling of the Iran deal – and his bad-faith remarks in defense of it – suggest that he is well aware of the damage that will result from his policies.