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Why Is Jesus Still Wounded After His Resurrection?

All things, even broken things, can be made new again, and sometimes they can be made even more beautiful. And they need not be hidden, in shadows or in shame.

If Republicans Don’t Disown Trump, He Will Continue to Own Them

Why do Republicans continue to defend a man who lost the popular vote by more than seven million votes, whose recklessness after the election cost them control of the Senate, and who is causing a flight from the Republican Party?

The End of Trump Can Be the Beginning of America

It made sense that once President Trump left the White House, powerful emotions would be unleashed.

The Forgotten Radicalism of Jesus Christ

First-century Christians weren’t prepared for what a truly radical and radically inclusive figure Jesus was, and neither are today’s Christians. We want to tame and domesticate who he was, but Jesus’ life and ministry don’t really allow for it.

A Book for Our Times: Peter Wood’s 1620 Skewers 1619 Project

More than a powerful refutation, Peter Wood’s 1620 is a withering appraisal and deadpan skewering of the 1619 Project as a cultural phenomenon.

Trump Lives in a Hall of Mirrors and He’s Got Plenty of Company

If Donald Trump loses his re-election bid, there will be a lot of ruin to sort through. But his most damaging and enduring legacy may well turn out to be the promiscuous use of conspiracy theories that have defined both the man and his presidency.

Before Reporting Became ‘Journalism’

It would be silly to idealize the old journalism, which had its problems, including excessive deference to authority and massive sins of omission in the scope of its curiosity; anyway, it belonged to a different world. But it had this virtue: The work, subduing the ego of the reporter, implied respect for the independent mind of the reader.

Against the 1619 Curriculum

Choice and local control remain the best defenses against a suffocating national education orthodoxy.

Conservatives Have Only One Choice in 2020

To be anti-Trump is not to be anti-conservative; and to be pro-Trump is not to be pro-conservative.

Bari Weiss Was Too Honest for the New York Times

Liberalism—a commitment to open inquiry—is fast disappearing from American life.