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Extraordinary Evangelization in Extraordinary Times

Evangelization, which must always include the witness of caring for the Master’s lost sheep, is the new normal in the Catholic Church.

Always the Era of the Saints

Unless we reconfigure our lives to understand and act on it, the “new evangelization” will remain just another pious slogan.

The Model New Evangelization Bishop

In God’s providence and through his own cooperation with grace, Archbishop Charles Chaput has lived the episcopal vocation the Second Vatican Council fathers limned in an exemplary way.

WYD-1993: The Turning Point

World Youth Day 1993 was a turning point in the history of the Catholic Church in the United States, and its effects are still being felt on this silver jubilee.

A Pastor in Full

Pastors interested in seeing how the New Evangelization is done right, in challenging cultural circumstances, should spend a week at St. Mary’s in Greenville, S.C.

Acts and Us

The book of Acts reminds us that salvation history and what we call “world history” don’t run on parallel tracks. Salvation history—the story of Israel and the story of the Church—is the inner dynamic or core of world history, whether world history recognizes that or not.

Craving Approval Isn’t Evangelization

Toadying to the talking heads of postmodern intellectual confusion and to the tastemakers of decadent postmodern culture is not the way to be the Church of the New Evangelization, or the “Church permanently in mission” that Pope Francis calls us to be. It’s the way to become a laughingstock, en route to the boneyard of irrelevance.

The Holy See, China, and Evangelization

Any arrangement by which the Chinese communist authorities are conceded a significant role in the appointment of Catholic bishops will weaken the Church’s evangelical possibilities—today, and especially in the China of the future.

Rethinking “Mission Territory”

What could be more appropriate on the quincentenary of the Reformation than to call German Catholicism to a thoroughgoing Catholic reform?

Easter and the ‘​​​​​​​Panula Option’

Easter reminds us that the Church begins with witness: lives changed by an encounter with the Risen Lord; men and women who then transform others by the power of their testimony and the authority of their example.