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The GOP Is the Party of Trump — but Not for the Reasons Anti-Trump Conservatives Think

Anyone who seeks the Republican nomination must be responsive to the concerns of the party’s voters, both in policy and, more importantly, in tone. So far, Republican anti-Trumpers fail both tests.

NeverTrump Bait and Switch: They Hate the Ideas, Not the Man

NeverTrump Republicans face a time for choosing. The data clearly show that a return to the Republican Party and conservatism of 2000 is not possible, either within the GOP itself or in the nation at large.

Gaslighting Themselves: Why Trump Critics Miss the Obvious

It’s not just that President Trump’s opponents find him odious at best and dangerous at worst: it’s that they have little to no sense of why people might disagree with them and why the president’s ultimate demise is far from the smug certainty they assume it is.