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Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh, 53 years old, has compiled an outstanding record during his twelve years on the federal court of appeals in D.C. On what is commonly regarded as the second-most-important court in the country, he has confronted a vast array of consequential constitutional and statutory issues and has written strong, influential opinions.

Trump’s Stellar Judges

Donald Trump deserves thunderous acclaim from conservatives for his outstanding record of judicial appointments during his first year as president. But his conspicuous successes should not obscure the many obstacles on the long path to genuine transformation of the federal judiciary.

Après Gorsuch Le Deluge

Reason is another victim of Roe vs. Wade. The Gorsuch hearings underscored that. Which does not bode well for the future.

Interview: Ed Whelan, An EPPC Eye On Judicial Confirmations

A wide-ranging interview with EPPC President Ed Whelan, in which he discusses the Supreme Court confirmation process, clerking for Justice Scalia, listening to Vin Scully, attending the inauguration of Richard Nixon, and what it was like to work in all three branches of the federal government.

No Deal on Gorsuch Filibuster

The very fact that Senate Democrats have the votes to filibuster Neil Gorsuch shows that they will filibuster any plausible next nominee. So the “deal” that some are floating would simply confer on Democrats a preemptive veto over the next Supreme Court nomination.

A Supreme Successor to Justice Scalia

Rocky Mountain native Neil Gorsuch has an impressive judicial record as an originalist.