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Vaccine Nationalism Is a Corrective to Often-Naive Views of Globalism

Former president Donald Trump was widely pilloried for playing down multilateral cooperation and the global trading order in favor of his “America First” mind-set. But Trump likely understood the nationalist underpinnings of foreign policy better than his critics.

What Is the American Idea?

Richard Brookhiser’s Give Me Liberty is a defense of what he calls “America’s Exceptional Idea,” an elegant and lyrical case for the ideal that has shaped America: liberty.

Revolutionism Redux, Part I

If it takes one kind of Holy Madness to drive out another, dissenters from the identity politics of the newly socialist and liberationist left may be driven to join the Trumpites under the banner of nationalism.

On the New “Nationalism”

Thanks to President Trump’s “America First” rhetoric and the rise of populist-nationalist parties in Europe, there’s a lot of debate about “nationalism” these days. On that subject, as on so many others, it’s worth listening to Pope St. John Paul II.

Immigration and the Desire for Rootedness

National conservatives need to help create an America that knows who she is, one that can give immigrants more than just a place to get a job—an America that can draw them in, giving them a sense of belonging.

Conservatives Are Still Grappling with the Trump Era. And Many Haven’t yet Learned Their Lesson.

The old conservative movement clearly missed something crucial about the national mood to have failed so utterly to prevent President Trump’s nomination and election. Failure to come to grips with this and to be genuinely new in some way will produce the same political failure.

‘Make America Great Again’ Is the Right Message. But It Needs to Be for Everyone.

American identity revolves around a devotion to ideals: freedom, equality and self-government. But that identity is strained whenever one ideal is emphasized at the expense of the others.

A Politics of National Purpose

A proper national politics naturally protects both our shared prerogatives and our individual rights.

Don’t Fool Yourself. the Political Center Won’t Recover Anytime Soon.

Globally, the prevailing trend is rising support for anti-immigrant, nationalist populist parties — not a resurgence of the center.

The Progressive Advocacy of Tribal Honor

The alternative to a world of nations is not the benign “globalisation” that was a by-product of the end of the Cold War and now looks, in retrospect, like a Golden Age. It is a reversion to the more feral and primitive version of honor which preceded the emergence of the modern nation-state.