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Trump’s Critics Were Wrong. He’s Not a Madman in Foreign Policy.

In 2016, fears were rampant that Donald Trump would not be able to handle an international crisis, that he would react either recklessly or timidly and thereby hurt U.S. security. We’re going through a period of intense global pressure right now, and so far he has proved up to the task.

John Bolton Is Under Attack

Someone inside the administration is leaking against national security adviser John Bolton. Determining who and why is important going forward, especially for conservatives concerned about President Trump ceding too much ground to our adversaries.

Religious Extremism by Any Other Name

The human capacity for atrocities is limitless, and philosophies that offer moral justification for them are particularly pernicious.

Atomic Bluff?

President Trump’s exchange of nuclear war rhetoric with North Korea is a high-risk game.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Trump has displayed a clear sense of terrorism’s threat, but he needs wisdom in addressing it.

The Fate of EgyptAir Flight 804 — and of Us

Between now and November, the Islamists and Donald Trump are in a kind of alliance. Any terror attack anywhere in the world helps both.

‘Nothing to Do with Islam’

Radicalism has had the wind at its back in the Muslim world for nearly a century. It shows no sign of abating just because Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats bury their heads in the sand.

How Russia Outplayed America in the Middle East’s Great Game

By going all-in on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the war in Syria, Putin has put Russia at the center of the great game in the Middle East.

Manliness: An Unsung Trait of the Train Heroes

The Legion d’Honneur awarded to three young Americans who stopped a heavily armed gunman on a European train is both richly deserved and a reminder that honor, so out of fashion in our time, is awfully handy in emergencies.

Will Jewish Democrats Sink the Iran Deal?

Seven key members of Congress must choose between loyalty to their party’s president and concern about what the Iran deal portends for Israeli and American security.