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Yes, Democratic Senators Have Questioned Judicial Nominees About Their Faith

Amy Coney Barrett is not the only judge to have faced improper scrutiny from Democrats over her religious beliefs.

Justice Barrett Would Extend Scalia’s Legacy

Amy Coney Barrett’s record, both as a judge and in her earlier career as a distinguished law professor at Notre Dame, shows both her profound commitment to Justice Scalia’s principles of textualism and originalism and her stellar ability to implement them.

The Productivity Pandemic

Though staying occupied during the pandemic has been a bit more of a challenge than usual, maybe it has reminded us, too, that it’s okay not to be always so busy, that a day of less productivity won’t kill us.

The Pro-Life Movement You’ve Never Heard Of

For decades, groups and individuals with vastly different cultural backgrounds, religious views, and political goals have set aside their conflicting preferences on other issues to campaign against abortion.

Joe Biden’s Last Campaign

As his party races left, the former veep struggles to catch up.

Washington, D.C.: My Boyhood Olympus

To someone who grew up in the Washington of the 1940s and 50s, the city is unrecognizable one minute, but in the next, it is the same as it always was: corrupt, yet sacred — a rascally and fallible and enchanted place: a city built low to the ground, spacious and full of trees and obscurely haunted.

Nelson Algren: Chicago’s Bard of the Downtrodden

Critics once compared the novelist Nelson Algren to Dostoyevsky and Dickens, but even at his best, he lacks Dickens’s warmth of soul and love for middle-class normality, and he does not possess the least trace of Dostoevsky’s intellect or spiritual magnificence.

French Socialism Has Failed

‘Free’ government services in France are unsustainable and anything but progressive.

My Father Left Me Ireland Connects Broken Homes to Broken Nations

Michael Brendan Dougherty has helped expose the deepest roots of our confusing debates about family, identity, and nation through his powerful new memoir.

The Free-Market Tradition

The market system is increasingly under attack not only from the left but from some smart social conservatives, populists, and nationalists on the right. To effectively defend democratic capitalism, its champions will need to understand the nature of these criticisms, to see where they have a point, and to think about how to make a case for markets that takes them seriously.