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“The Heavens Declare the Glory of God…”

NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day shows the glory of God declared in a display of astronomical wonders that vividly illustrate the extravagance of the divine creativity. 

Lessons in Virtue from Apollo 11

The tendency to remember Project Apollo as mere technological wizardry, albeit of a very high order, should be resisted. There were great virtues involved in this remarkable adventure, and without those virtues there wouldn’t be six American flags planted on the Moon by a dozen American citizens.

Neil Armstrong’s ‘Small Step’ Brought the Moon Down to Earth

Apollo 11 was the apogee of an era of dreams and the start of an age of division and small-mindedness.

Stephen Hawking’s Surprise

No matter how much a mess we make of history, there is a grandeur to the cosmos that human stupidities and infidelities cannot obscure. To imagine that that grandeur just happened is to think too low.

A Caveat on the Great Tom Wolfe

Now that Tom Wolfe and Gus Grissom have both crossed what Wolfe once called the Halusian Gulp, one hopes these two American patriots are reconciled. Both had the right stuff.

Grit, Gus, and Glory

Misleading depictions have harmed the image of one of NASA’s first men in space — Gus Grissom. A new book sets the record straight.