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The Story of Ruth

A beautiful exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum explores what this ancient figure can teach us about loyalty and redemption.

Smithsonian: Still in Shambles

Overall, the new galleries in the Smithsonian Museum of American History are as bulging and confusing as their older counterparts elsewhere in the building. Americans, many of whom know little about their country’s history, will be no better enlightened, educated, or inspired than they were before.

The Museum as “Town Hall”

There are ongoing attempts to abandon curatorial authority, and quality, in order to turn museums into something between a town hall and a community center. And, amazingly, directors and curators themselves are leading these efforts.

The Museums We Deserve

On the distinguishing qualities of two of Washington’s most prominent art venues.

‘Della Robbia: Sculpting With Color in Renaissance Florence’ Review

They were among the most accomplished of Florence’s Renaissance sculptors, making divine beauty out of humble materials.

A Monumental Shame

The noble idea to build a memorial to Dwight Eisenhower has become a classic Washington boondoggle, an object lesson on how not to build a memorial in that city.