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Interview with George Weigel: Catholicism and Modernity, Reconsidered and “Renarrativized”

“Previous ‘framings’ of the story are unilinear,” says EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel about his new book The Irony of Modern Catholic History, “modernity acts, Catholicism reacts, end of story. But there has been much more going on, these past two hundred fifty years, than an action-reaction cycle.”

Ironies in the Fire

The multiple ironies in the complex relationship between Catholicism and cultural, social, and political modernity over the last 250 years are explored in George Weigel’s new book, The Irony of Modern Catholic History: How the Church Rediscovered Itself and Challenged the Modern World to Reform.

The Uses of Friendships: Moses Mendelssohn

The life of 18th-century German intellectual Moses Mendelssohn does not hold some secret answer to the challenges that confront our age. But he offers a model of taking such challenges seriously, and of keeping in mind the importance not only of toleration and of steadfastness but also of friendship, which can sometimes bridge the two.

The Transmigration of Theological Nonsense

No authentic renewal of Catholic life, and no effective response to the untruths that bedevil Catholicism today, will begin from the premise that “this is our Church and we must take it back.” It is Christ’s Church, and if any of us proceeds from any other premise, we are part of the problem, not the solution.

Interreligious Dialogue with Edge and Purpose

A conversation exploring how Catholicism’s wrestling with political modernity may or may not be applicable to Islam should focus the Catholic-Islamic interreligious dialogue for the foreseeable future.

Ironies in the Fire: Catholicism and Modernity

Through an often-turbulent encounter with modernity, Catholicism has rediscovered the evangelical or missionary imperative from which it began, two millennia ago.

Catholicism Embodied: “The Pivotal Players”

A new DVD series profiles six of the most striking personalities in Catholic history, who each lived at a time of crisis for the Church, and helped the Church to address that crisis creatively while remaining true to itself.

Did the Enlightenment Cause a Global Decline in Violence?

The modern age included a laudable squeamishness against tyranny, but it also included a nice dose of utopian hubris, and the special horrors of the modern age are incomprehensible without this Enlightenment idea.