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The Clerisy of the Concrete-And-Glass Box Freaks Out

There isn’t much to laugh at along the Potomac these days. But the freak-out from the modernist architectural establishment and its acolytes in the mainstream media over President Trump’s recent executive order was amusing.

Here’s What I Want from Modern Architecture

Architects need to stop aiming for the ‘iconic’ and focus on everyday beauty.

A Point of View: How Do We Know Real Art When We See It?

Beauty, form, and redemption are the elements of every true work of art.

Gehry’s Middle Finger

The gullible bureaucrats responsible for hiring Frank Gehry for the Eisenhower Memorial put the American taxpayer into the hands of a fashionable architect whose works, quite frankly, are already starting to look clichéd and dated.

A Point of View: Has Modern Art Exhausted Its Power to Shock?

It is worth asking ourselves why the cult of fake originality has such a powerful appeal to our cultural institutions, so that every museum and art gallery, and every publicly funded concert hall, has to take it seriously.