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The Merits of Romney’s Pro-Family Policy

Sen. Mitt Romney’s “Family Security Act” has many merits as a response to the bleak trends highlighted by the pandemic. More important still, it would serve as an overdue corrective to liberalism’s devastating effects on the family.

Some Republicans Have Finally Found a Line They Won’t Cross

The GOP needs leaders who will distance their party from the wreckage and the ruin the president has brought.

A Profile in Courage

Senator Mitt Romney’s decision to vote to convict President Donald Trump is an extraordinary act.

Mitt Romney Is Congressional Republicans’ Secret Weapon on Trade

Republicans in Congress are confused about how to respond to President Trump’s multi-front trade war. Mitt Romney can help them break out of their slumber.

On Being Too Nice in Politics

Mitt Romney’s declaration of independence from Donald Trump as he takes his seat in the U.S. Senate has been illuminating — more for the responses than the op-ed itself.

Mitt Romney’s Op-Ed Crystallizes All the Reasons the Old GOP Establishment Has Been Pushed Aside

Anyone who wants to lead today’s Republican Party must reckon with the concerns of voters—including millions of working-class supporters of President Trump—and create a future America that these Americans can feel at home in. Sadly, Mitt Romney does not appear to be up to that task.

The Democrats’ Stance on Immigration Will Lead to Electoral Disaster

Democrats are either unwilling to see the truth or unable to acknowledge it: They cannot win back the presidency without attracting people who disagree with some of their views.

Clinton and Trump: The Moral Universe of Liars

As a voter, one likes to believe that candidates are at least operating broadly within the same moral universe as the rest of us. Hillary Clinton isn’t — and neither is Donald Trump.

Contra ‘Too Late’

The rise of Trump is often attributed to the corruption or failure of the institutional Republican party. On the contrary, the response to Trump will test whether the Republican party is beyond saving.

Whose Republicans?

Today’s conservatives must follow Reagan’s example and reapply their principles to meet today’s economic and political realities.