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Republicans Need to Go Bigger on Coronavirus. Much Bigger.

The current downturn was caused by the government to protect something more important — our lives. The economic response, therefore, needs to be as sweeping and comprehensive as the action that makes it necessary.

McConnell’s Supreme Court Tactics: Politics 101

When the president and the Senate majority are from the same party, look for the swift confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee.

This Is What You Call a Conservative Budget?

Republicans have used their control of the legislative and executive branches to enact a huge tax cut without offsetting spending reductions, to increase domestic discretionary spending to levels that delight Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and to leave entitlements — the great drivers of unsustainable debt — untouched.

Most Republicans Wish They Were Like Reagan. Trump Actually Is.

Conventional wisdom tells us that Donald Trump is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan. But in fact, Trump is far closer to Reagan’s brand of conservatism than the Republican congressional leadership is.

The Indelible Stain of Donald Trump

The Republican Party’s politically lethal embrace of Donald J. Trump is very nearly complete.

A Third-Class Temperament

Liberals are beginning to discover, long after conservatives did, what it’s like to experience President Obama’s condescension and all-purpose disrespect.