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From ‘Anchors Aweigh’ to Away-from-Church

The U.S. Navy forbids personnel to attend religious services off base, in a violation of their right to worship.

So Much for Trump’s ‘Love’ of the Military

President Trump has made concern for “our great military” one of his calling cards. So where is his rage at Putin for putting targets on their backs?

Trump’s War-Crimes Pardons Weaken Our Military’s Moral Fiber

An ethically upright military takes decades or even centuries to build. It can be undone much more quickly.

Trump Is Now Defending War Crimes

President Trump’s brutal disregard for American values and the traditions of the U.S. military are painfully evident.

Trump Has Given North Korea a Valuable Bargaining Chip for Free

President Trump was right to walk away from a deal with the North Koreans last week. But he was wrong to walk away from annual military exercises with our South Korean allies.

Trump’s Fake News

Even while visiting the troops — a good deed — President Trump managed to soil it by flinging lies in all directions.

Grim Harvest: Review of Irving and Brozek’s Way of the Reaper

On the surface, Nicholas Irving’s Way of the Reaper seems to be a typical shoot-‘em-up memoir designed for men vicariously seeking adventure, but the writer’s experience on the battlefield finally sinks into his consciousness, enabling him to break through the studied callousness of the combat soldier and to turn himself into a case study on the role of battle in causing moral injury.

A Call to Patriotism in America

In order for America to be a credible advocate for democracy and markets worldwide, American individuals, organizations and governing institutions should take a series of actions both to strengthen our democracy and to revive the faith of Americans in it.

Donald Trump’s Transgender Military ‘Policy’ Is His Latest Misdirection

If President Trump were truly concerned about the impact of transgender troops on military readiness, he would take the trouble to educate himself on the matter and then propose legislation, so that his policy could not easily be overridden by the next president. Instead, he chose to troll the Left by announcing a sweeping ban.

A Simple Gesture, a Grateful Heart: A Thanksgiving Lesson from Staff Sgt. Milosevic

Ideologues may work to shred our cultural memory and thin the roots of our gratitude, but ordinary Americans can replant the seeds of deep gratitude on a daily basis.