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Pressure on Big Tech from Republicans Is Working

The chorus of voices on the Hill willing to hold the Silicon Valley giants accountable is only growing. The good news is that the new approach is working.

Congressional Testimony: The State of Social Capital in America Today

Politics cannot solve our country’s 21st century dilemmas. But it can play a role in helping us to solve them. And it can begin to play that role by coming to understand the purpose of government as enabling Americans to better help one another.

Rubio, Cruz, and Lee Are Wrong to Oppose the House Reconciliation Bill

Reconciliation is a powerful tool, but it can’t be used to repeal Obamacare without also replacing it.

Modernizing Congress’s Scorekeepers

The Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office should employ a more modern approach that will enable the next generation of policymakers to address new challenges.

Why Not Cut the Payroll Tax?

The payroll tax is heavier burden for the middle class than the income tax. Conservatives should examine creative ways to scale back this tax as part of a broader reform plan.