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Iran’s Revolution Reconsidered

Iran and the rest of the Middle Eastern world do not need any more revolutions or Western foreign policy interventions. They need a revolution of conscience: the moral power of human dignity.

Secular Nationalism, Islamism, and Making the Arab World

What have we learned from our failed Middle Eastern endeavors?

The Road to Iranian Democracy

A new book on the movement toward democracy in Iran is meticulous, bordering at times on repetitive. Yet it is a compelling description of the paths of democratization in developing countries, and of the Iranian situation in particular.

Correcting for the Historian’s Middle Eastern Biases

Eugene Rogan’s The Arabs: A History will be of value to readers who wish to understand the Arab world the way Arabs want to be understood. As history it is fabulous, but as analysis, it has a certain bias that I found frustrating as an Arab Christian.

Being Realistic—but Hopeful—about Iran

The road to a modest modernization initiative that could open up Middle Eastern countries in a way that would not compromise their religious beliefs and Muslim identity is only through the path of the dignity of the human person.

Why We Shouldn’t Expect Iranian Protests to Usher in a Democracy

Muslim peoples across the Middle East have struggled with separating modernization from Westernization without compromising themselves. We must be cautious in our response to the demonstration in Iran, and remember that the people of the Middle East value their identity.

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Is Recognizing Reality

President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a recognition of reality, even as his critics insist that we inhabit the world of make-believe.

Bernard Haykel and William McCants at the May 2015 Faith Angle Forum

The Faith Angle Forum is a semi-annual conference which brings together a select group of 20 nationally respected journalists with 3-5 distinguished scholars on areas of religion, politics & public life. “The Islamic State:  Understanding its Ideology and Theology” South Beach, Florida Speakers: Dr. Bernard Haykel, Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Director, The Institute for […]

The Smartest Guy Ever to Be President Isn’t Quite As Smart As He Thinks

The president’s long list of failures undercuts his supposed foreign policy brilliance.

A Christian Defense Of Israel

The Palestinian people are suffering – but the reasons they suffer are fundamentally a creation not of Israel but of failed Palestinian leadership, which from beginning to end has been characterized by staggering corruption, brutality, oppression and anti-Semitism.