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The American Dream Is Not Dead

Populists on the right and the left have agreed that the economy is killing the middle class, but the data say otherwise.

The Trump Administration Shows Just How Clueless It Is About the Middle Class

The administration is right to want to give tax relief to the middle and working class. But members of the president’s economic team need to get out of their bubble and discover who those people really are.

Othering Whites

Robert Wuthnow deserves commendation for thinking more creatively about discrimination and its ideological twin, “othering,” than many of his colleagues in the social sciences, and in the process making a real contribution to social history as it used to be understood, before it got so politicized.

A New Homestead Act—To Jump Start the U.S. Economy

The GOP should propose a new Homestead Act that reforms federal tax law, unemployment compensation, income-support efforts and welfare programs to encourage worker mobility.

Scott Walker’s Tax Populism

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has eschewed the typical supply-side orthodoxy in favor of an economically successful – and politically popular – alternative.

Elite Convergence

In its rush to convict the educated Left, a new book overlooks the important complicity among certain elites on the Right in the plight of non-college-educated, native-born Americans.

The Mobility Crisis

Upward mobility requires not only a strong economy but also strong families and communities and a supportive culture, and conservatives are far better positioned than liberals to take up the challenge.

Applying Conservatism

Reform conservatism is trying to move Republicans from merely saying no to the left, or worse yet saying “yes, but a little less,” to showing what the right would do instead.

Needed: A Republican Agenda for the Middle Class

Republicans at every level must articulate how a conservative vision of government could speak to today’s public, and especially middle class, concerns – and to then show how such a vision would translate into concrete policy reforms in some of the most important arenas of public life.