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Garrison Keillor Accepts His Sacrifice

Garrison Keillor paid a steep price for his sins, whatever they were. At a recent public appearance, he said it didn’t matter—it was “injustice on behalf of a good cause.”

Mona Charen Testimony at U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on the Meaning of MeToo

On the whole, the MeToo movement has been a necessary corrective to years of gross behavior by powerful men. But it would be a mistake to think of MeToo as a civil rights issue. This is a cultural problem, not a political one.

Biden and the Problem of Touch

Before we close the books with the #MeToo conclusion that touching is “problematic,” we might want to consider some other evidence that suggests we aren’t touching enough.

Kavanaugh in the #MeToo Era

In the wake of the revelation of Christine Blasey Ford’s identity, some have suggested that her allegation against Brett Kavanaugh will be handled more sensitively than such accusations once were thanks to the #MeToo movement. That may turn out to be true, but only if at least one other woman comes forward with similar charges.

The Great #MeToo Awakening

The evangelical Protestant world is the latest to be shaken by revelations of sexual abuse and sexism.

Making Sense of Eric Schneiderman

Today, feminists are grappling with the long roster of supposedly “enlightened” i.e. feminist men who’ve turned out to be serial abusers or worse.

Real Message of #MeToo: The Sexual Revolution Has Not Been Kind to Women

What we are seeing in the broader culture now is something that has been evident on college campuses for some time — women are unhappy about the state of sex and romance.