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So, You Want Canadian Health Care?

The Democrats’ pretense that we can provide Medicare for All and receive the same level of care we’ve become accustomed to is applesauce.

So Trump Wants to Make the Gop the ‘Party of Health Care’? Here’s How to Do It.

Making Republicans the party of health care means putting the commitment to health care and financial security first and the goal of cost control second.

The 2018 Republican Agenda

With tax reform behind them and a congressional-election year just begun, Republicans in Washington seem remarkably uncertain about what they want to do with their control of the presidency and Congress at this point.

Nobody Knows What to Do about Health Care

There’s something profoundly conservative about tinkering around the edges rather than embarking on a grand reform agenda.

The Most Wasteful Health Spending Is Also the Most Popular

America’s two major health-care entitlements, Medicare and employer-sponsored health insurance, are gobbling up ever-bigger amounts of cash for less and less value.

Can the Republican Party Keep Trump Democrats?

The voters Trump picked up do not fit neatly into any of the GOP’s pre-Trump factions.

Entitlement Reform Remains an Absolute Necessity

Entitlement reform is not optional. If we wait until a crisis is upon us, the cuts will be blunt and disruptive.

Macra: The Quiet Health-Care Takeover

A 962-page rule puts the federal government between doctors and patients.

The Trump Plan: Big Tax Hikes or Big Deficits

Trump’s pledge to reduce deficits by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse is the most tired, canned answer in the book. It is what politicians say when they have no real ideas.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board

The IPAB is an unelected and unaccountable technocratic body trampling on the legislative prerogatives of Congress. It should be repealed as soon as possible.