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Bogus Fact Checks on Suburban Zoning Issue

When it comes to the issue of zoning and the suburbs, the media’s supposed fact-checkers are comprehensively wrong.

Experts in Spate

The coronavirus, together with the measures chosen to deal with it, has been a disaster for pretty much everybody else, but it has been a godsend to the American media and their long-running anti-Trump “narrative.”

Polite Fictions

The very existence of polite fictions — such as the fiction that impeachment had arisen out of the disinterested concern of public-spirited Democrats to preserve constitutional norms and not as a squalid partisan affair — comes about because we are aware of the absurdity of regarding them as the firmly established truths they pretend to be.

Ripley’s Believe It or Else

The extremely low opinion, so the pollsters tell us, which Americans hold of the media could never bode well for an institution founded on the extremely high opinion the media hold of themselves.

Irony of Ironies

That the entire “collusion” narrative was misconceived simply could not be true, in the view of the mainstream media, since their entire political world-view was based upon it.

Make-Believe Worlds

In coverage of both the Mueller report and the Jussie Smollett scandal, the mainstream media and its readers inhabit a world which is not only gratifying to their prejudices but one where everybody as far as the eye can see thinks more or less exactly as they do on the important issues of the day.

Trump-Russia Made for Gripping Fiction

Witness is a term that is both religious and legal. The proper role of the journalist is that of witness—in both senses of the word—to the country’s re-creation. Honest witness requires humility, a virtue all but extinct in 21st-century media.

Journalism Dies in Self-Importance

As Ted Koppel has recognized, today’s media embrace the darkness of their own biases.

Shocked by Biased Journalism? Please.

The Democratic National Committee will regret its decision to bar Fox News from hosting any of its 2020 presidential primary debates.

Jussie Smollett and the Hazards of Moral Sentimentality

Today’s media storytelling has perfected a genre of intensely sentimental and spontaneously generated folk tales, especially stories dealing with race and sexuality.