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Gillette Is Not Wrong

The razor company’s newest ad has been savagely received on the right, but its message is more conservative than the critics acknowledge.

Can Feminists Cure What Ails Men?

Leading feminists would do well to remove their women-centric blinders and examine the situation of young men more sympathetically.

Trump Is Validating the Left’s Crudest Stereotypes of the Right

Conservatives who have rallied to him have tainted the reputation of conservatism.

The Worst of Both Sexes

The greatest failures of the past generation concern men, women, and sex — and there could not be two more awful representatives of what has gone wrong than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Manliness: An Unsung Trait of the Train Heroes

The Legion d’Honneur awarded to three young Americans who stopped a heavily armed gunman on a European train is both richly deserved and a reminder that honor, so out of fashion in our time, is awfully handy in emergencies.