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Xavier Becerra Is a Poor Choice for HHS Secretary

For many active Christians and Catholics, and others of goodwill who respect the free exercise of religion and religious beliefs, Xavier Becerra’s nomination indicates that Joe Biden’s aspiration to unify a divided country was simply empty rhetoric.

Repealing Abortion Notification Law Would Be Tragic Mistake

Eliminating the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act would strip away critical protections for young girls and enable predatory men.

President Biden’s Mexico City Policy Repeal Contradicts His Own Recent Statements

As a direct result of President Biden’s decision, massive amounts of federal funding once again will flow indiscriminately to foreign-aid groups such as Planned Parenthood International and similar organizations whose chief aim is to profit from an increased number of abortions around the globe, including in countries that reject abortion in law.

Remembering the Legacy of Pro-Life Pioneer Joseph Scheidler

Joseph Scheidler’s death marked the end of an era for a movement that was often defined by his style of pro-life advocacy — advocacy that was so effective that the National Organization of Women brought lawsuit after lawsuit against him to try and stop it.

People of Praise Deserves Ours

America has a lot to learn from Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘covenant community.’

Pardon Me? Pro-Life Heroine Anthony Left a Lasting Pro-Life Legacy

Susan B. Anthony believed that by directly challenging unjust laws, she was not just being a good citizen of the United States, but she was remaining obedient to God, who created both man and woman in his image and likeness.

‘Choose to Be Catholic and Carry Jesus Into the Public Square’: A Congressman’s Advice to Graduates

To help ease the pain of an experience cut short, a slew of celebrities, elected officials and notable personalities offered virtual commencement addresses. But one virtual address stood out from almost every other.

From Gowns to Masks: One Woman’s Ministry of Charity

A Chicago-area woman’s act of charity for one child quickly — but sadly — blossomed into a full-time ministry. When the COVID-19 epidemic began to hit the Chicago area hard, she was suddenly compelled to change the focus of her work.

Blessed Engelmar Unzeitig: A Patron at the Time of an Outbreak

While volunteers in times of medical emergency do not have an obvious patron saint, they might very well find one in Blessed Engelmar Unzeitig, known as the “Angel of Dachau.”

A Passionate Pioneer Remembered

One woman whose name is seldom mentioned led a life that inspired all who encountered her, and her dynamic personality and rhetorical brilliance changed the mind of a president of the United States on one of the most contentious issues of the day. Her name was Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson.