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Why Those Who Oppose Abortion Continue to Fight

In time, pro-lifers believe Americans will come to see that the beauty of life exists well before the moment of full-term delivery.

The Troubling Ideals at the Heart of Abortion Rights

Equality premised on the power to end life is not true equality at all.

True Empowerment: 2020 March for Life Theme Returns to Pro-Life Beliefs of Early Feminism

Pro-life women hope to achieve genuine equality for women, working for a world in which every pregnancy, planned or unplanned, is always accommodated and celebrated as a gift that only women can bring.

Saving Synod-2018 from Itself

A preliminary document looks like a prescription for a failed synod. What might the participants in Synod-2018 do to salvage a useful discussion in October?

How Dr. Seuss Can Help Explain the March for Life to Children

As today’s March for Life unfolds in Washington, D.C., parents may find themselves asking how to get across the pro-life argument to young children in a way that doesn’t seem either terrifying or harsh.

The March for Life and the Women’s March: Can We Walk on Common Ground?

While it might seem to the casual observer that participants in the Women’s March on Washington don’t have much in common with the March for Life, it’s almost too bad both groups won’t be there at the same time.