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Freedom Is Never Free

In Lviv, Ukraine, a vibrant church and an exceptional university being built are signs of hope in a world where the bad news sometimes seems to be all the news there is.

A Ukrainian Christmas . . .

Celebrating the birth of a civil society capable of sustaining democracy.

Ukraine, 25 Years from Now

Looking ahead on the silver anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union.

Ukraine’s Determined Will is Inspiration for Rest of World

In the face of a “solidarity deficit” in the West, men and women of character and conviction are working steadily to give the solidarity they experienced on the Maidan real effect in Ukraine’s economic, legal, and political life.

Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Heroes

The hoped-for rapprochement between Catholicism and Russian Orthodoxy is not advanced when Catholic publications swallow and then regurgitate toxic falsehoods emanating from Russian Orthodox leaders, who are themselves recycling lies from the masters of Kremlin propaganda.

A Ukrainian Christmas-at-the-Crossroads

When Ukraine celebrated Christmas two weeks ago, there were ample reasons for pessimism about that long-suffering country’s future. But even confronted daily by a long menu of distress, the people of Ukraine have remained remarkably faithful to the 2013-14 Maidan revolution of integrity.

Unhappy Anniversary

The kind of nonviolent revolution in favor of a democratic future that would have been celebrated and defended in 1989 has been betrayed, in slow motion, even as the Ukrainian revolution’s leaders have continued to plead for Western help.