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Humility Is Where Conservatives And Libertarians Can Still Find Fusion

Conservatives and libertarians must both check their pride to work toward a new fusionism. Their common ground begins with humility.

Quarantine Protesters Don’t Represent All Conservatives. Here’s Why.

Movement conservatives are increasingly decrying stay-at-home orders and calling for the economy’s rapid reopening. This is, alas, yet another example of how the movement’s devotion to liberty as an overriding value is out of step with mainstream American opinion.

Justin Amash May Not Even Be the Most Important Third-Party Candidate

Justin Amash has a clear and consistent worldview while Jesse Ventura does not. But don’t be surprised if political analysts are talking a lot more about Ventura’s effect on the race come October.

Republicans May Finally Be Socially Distancing Themselves From Libertarianism

President Trump’s extension of federal social distancing guidelines might begin to encourage mainstream Republicans to distance themselves in the future from libertarian-tinged economics.

Libertarianism Is Losing Its Grip on Conservative Thought. Good.

Conservatism and libertarianism have long been locked in a symbiotic embrace. A new essay by libertarian-leaning economist Tyler Cowen suggests that embrace will soon end.

What Happened to the ‘Libertarian Moment’?

If liberty conservatives want to remain relevant in the GOP, they need to adapt. They also need to think seriously about how reductions in spending can be accomplished through a party whose voters are averse to it.

In Fond Memory of Peter Augustine Lawler upon His Sudden Death

Lawler’s influence as a teacher and thinker was a function of his gregarious humor and charm, his talent for friendship, and his sheer brilliance. But ultimately, it likely had to do above all with the distinct worldview he articulated, which has done an enormous amount to deepen, humanize, and enrich contemporary conservatism.

The Use and Abuse of Originalism

Some libertarians sometimes invite the suspicion that their commitment to originalism is opportunistic—that, for them, originalism is something to be invoked and to be twisted, this way and that, to constitutionalize their policy preferences.