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What Liberals (Still) Get Wrong About Trump’s Support

The data clearly show that President Trump’s political coalition is pretty much the traditional Republican coalition. And the often virulent behavior of anti-Trump partisans has made partisan Republicans especially unwilling to abandon their leader even when he stumbles.

The Commencement Speech You Never Hear

Before graduates are urged to change the world, perhaps they should be encouraged to change themselves, or at least, to look inward.

AP U.S. History Bias Still Runs Deep

Even after revisions to the controversial curriculum framework, it too often presents hotly debated opinions as facts.

Will Jewish Democrats Sink the Iran Deal?

Seven key members of Congress must choose between loyalty to their party’s president and concern about what the Iran deal portends for Israeli and American security.

Progressive Catholic Authoritarianism

Forms of authoritarian bullying, shaming, and exclusion that would have appalled 1950s Catholic liberals have made their way into the kitbag of contemporary progressive Catholicism.

Have You Ever Been Wrong?

Partisanship shapes our attitudes, probably much more than we like to admit. Many of us aren’t nearly as independent-minded as we like to think.

Democrat Divinity Schools

By smuggling virtually the entire leftist agenda into the activities of campus sustainability offices, our educational institutions are swiftly converting themselves into ideological finishing schools.

Let’s Embrace Competition In Advanced-Placement Testing

In the battle over the College Board’s Advanced Placement “framework,” the real issue is whether the curriculum will teach a dogmatic progressivism or introduce students to a variety of opinions about the individuals, ideas and institutions that shaped American history.

Government Is Not The Enemy

Too often, Republicans express a purely negative vision of government. This is both politically perilous and intellectually inadequate.

Testimony Before the Georgia State Legislature On AP U.S. History

The College Board’s new Advanced Placement framework would fundamentally transform the teaching of American History.