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The Summer Reading List

The vacation season is an opportunity to escape TwitterWorld and do some serious reading. These books will help make your summer enjoyable, instructive, or both.

INTERVIEW: New Book Shares Author’s Adventure of Telling St. John Paul II’s Life Story ‘From the Inside’

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel discusses his new book Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II.

George Weigel Discusses His Lessons Learned From St. John Paul II

On a visit to Rome, George Weigel sat down with the National Catholic Register’s Rome correspondent, Edward Pentin, to discuss how the hand of Providence was clear in bringing him and St. John Paul II together in the mid-1990s.

“You Have to Decide.”

St. John Paul II insisted that, with the help of grace, we can choose and decide wisely and well, if we open ourselves to the liberating power of the moral truths found in revelation and reason.

Interview: George Weigel on the “Lessons in Hope” He Received from John Paul II

The papal biographer’s new book describes his relationship with Pope John Paul, as well as the great challenges the pope faced in the final years of his life.

A Memoir I Never Expected to Write

Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II is the third panel in George Weigel’s “triptych” of the emblematic figure of the second half of the twentieth century.