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Can Freedom Survive the Narratives?

The Age of Information is the era of hysterical story lines. Twenty-first-century technology supercharges feelings, not thoughts, and registers them instantaneously on hundreds of millions of screens and minds. Such narratives serve neither history nor justice.

The Jury’s Answer in the Derek Chauvin Trial

An officer’s cruelty, a mob’s threats and a long, tragic history add up to a conviction for murder.

Joe Biden’s American Grandstand

The president panders to the young, like the Dick Clark of 21st-century statesmen.

Seeing Red and Feeling Blue: America’s Rotten National Mood

Injury can bring a country together. But this is a compound fracture to the national psyche.

Free the Mind from Bitterness

Americans have become dangerous to themselves. This must be transcended.

Infamy and Mythology

For Donald Trump, yesterday’s events may prove to be as much one as the other.

Christmas in a Dark Time

Christmas should speak of the power of love, of forgiveness—a truce, a tenderness. There’s not much of that right now in the noisy, nasty public square.

An Unfunny Thing Happened on the Way to 2021

Polarization, political correctness and Covid-19 have produced a hostile environment for humor.

Elite Opinion Is Never Wrong

Reality may fail to measure up to cocktail party assumptions, but the chit-chat of the better people rings on, unchanged.

Trump’s White House at the End of the Line

Not even in the bitterest, most furious days of the late ’60s were Americans as alienated from one another as they are now.